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Good nutrition creates health in all areas of your existence.
All areas are interconnected


Elena Perea

Elena Perea combines extensive training in orthomolecular, holistic and integrative nutrition with more than 20 years of experience caring for patients and seeing how nutrition can change lives. 

Integrative Nutrition

Integrative Nutrition is a holistic nutritional treatment, that is, it seeks to discover which are the internal imbalances of the body that trigger the appearance of symptoms and treat those imbalances through changes in the diet and nutritional supplements focused on purification and rebalancing. nutrition of organs and tissues. 

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What you can expect from the treatment:

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-    Increase your vital energy and muscular endurance

-    Eliminate unhealthy food cravings

-    Help purify toxins

-    Improve your digestive and intestinal function

-    Rebalance your immune system

-    Improve the condition of the skin and mucous membranes


Training in Integrative Nutrition

Elena Perea directs the Institute of Holistic Nutrition that teaches the accredited courses in the United Kingdom of Plaskett International College

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"The cure of the parts should not be attempted without the treatment of the whole";

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