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About me

Nutrition for me has been first a constant search until it became a discovery  and finally a way of life


My story

I finished a degree in Maths but my main interest was focused on nutrition and health. I had tried different diets to help with an eating disorder, which led me to study Nutritional Medicine in England and start a career as an integrative nutritionist. Thanks to a greater understanding of human physiology, biochemistry and nutrition, I understood that eating disorders had  behind a biochemical disorder that complicated psychological work. Through balancing my biochemistry with the right diet and nutrient support I was able to improve my overall health, find my personal nutritional balance, and help others find theirs. 

Nutrition is a science in constant development and you should never stop training. So I continued my training with studies at the Institute for Functional Medicine in London: Gastrointestinal Health, Head to Toe, and Applying Functional Medicine.

I have translated Plaskett College courses into Spanish to bring this quality training to Spain and I teach courses on Nutritional Therapy, Nutritional Medicine, Nutritional Coach for Weight Control and Iridology applied to nutrition.

For years I wrote articles on nutrition and health in magazines such as Integral, CuerpoMente, Espacio Humano, Única, Sportlife or Verdemente, while also giving seminars in Spain and Latin America. 

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Gut Health

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