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Comprehensive Detox

  • 8Days
  • 2Steps


An organized Comprehensive Purification and rejuvenation program in which we direct you to perform a fast to purge toxins in a time that you should take advantage of to relax and rest. An intensive detoxification program based on the experience of Dr. Bernard Jensen who, through fasting, colon cleansing and taking nutritional supplements, achieves a complete elimination of toxins at the cellular and intestinal level. WHAT BENEFITS DOES IT PROVIDE? An increase in your vital energy, inner peace and greater mental clarity are just some of the benefits that Comprehensive Cleansing offers you. In addition to being the most natural way to eliminate toxins, lose a few extra kilos and improve our physical appearance, it helps break all kinds of habits (smoking, anxiety, compulsive eating,...) and is enormously beneficial for the treatment of gastrointestinal pathologies, dermal, hormonal and/or metabolic for its ability to detoxify cells and cleanse the intestine of fungi, parasites and adhering mucoid matter. It is also a way to greatly improve a couple's fertility and is recommended as a preparatory treatment for motherhood as well as to increase fertility. In this case it is recommended to do it in pairs. Our program includes: - Pre and post fasting information with diet and supplement recommendations - Recommendations on how to make fasting juices and broths - Pack of supplements for fasting and the month after fasting.

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